1.Obert a tots els artistes majors de 18 anys de qualsevol nacionalitat i lloc de residència.

2.La temàtica ha d’estar vinculada a l’esport des de qualsevol perspectiva

3.Primer premi 1.500 € i dos accèssits de 1.000 €.

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The V International Sports Humour Competition is governed by the following rules:

1. Eligibility

Any artist that is over 18 years of age and from any nationality and place of residence can participate in the competition.

2. Entry requirements

Up to two entries can be submitted per participant. Both entries must have a theme that is sports-related. The entries can done using any technique. The entries cannot have won prizes in other competitions.

3. Presentation of entries and deadlines

Participants can choose to present their entries in the following ways:

a) Digital format By using the form available at: www.ufec.cat/concurs (submitted entries must have a quality of at least 4 MB).

b) Original work

Send the original works to:

Unió de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya

Rambla de Catalunya, 81


Include a photocopy of your DNI, NIE or passport that verifies your identity. You’ll also need to include:

1. Inscription form (see annex I)

2. Authorisation for us to disseminate the images and your cessation of rights (annex II)

For entries sent via post the date on the stamp will be what’s taken into account. It needs to be a date before the deadline. We’ll email the participant to confirm that the work has been received when it arrives.


The deadline for submitting entries is between 1st March and 31st July at 15:00, 2015.

The organisation (UFEC – the Sports Federation Union of Catalonia) is not responsible for delays generated at customs. Entries will be excluded if they don’t arrive before the deadline, regardless of delays at customs or paperwork involved in sending art from one country to another.

4. Prizes

There’ll be three prizes: a first-place prize of 1,500€ and two runner-up prizes of 1,000€ each. Any taxes due will be applied to the prizes. The winner and the runner-ups will each receive a diploma as well.

6. Exhibition

Winning entries and selected entries will be exhibited in the Olympic Museum’s exhibition room from 1 October until 1 November 2015.